Sithrah #29: Do You Have a Name?

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I’ve been working like crazy every night on a 108 page comic that I’m going to give away to my mailing list for free. It’s kinda a silly comic but it’s a nice break while I’m in between Sithrah books. If you are curious about it and want to get it when it’s finished then join my mailing list and you will be the first to see it.

My Convention Appearances:

  • ECCC (Seattle) – March 27th -29th
  • WonderCon (Anaheim) – April 3rd-5th
  • LA Times Festival of Books (Los Angeles) – April 18th – 19th
  • Phoenix Comicon – May 28th – 31st

I should have Sithrah books at all these shows so come by and pick one up if you are attending. :)

The Bible Project


Hey guys!

I just wanted to share a video that I designed and animated over January and February for the Bible Project. If you aren’t familiar with The Bible Project on Youtube then definitely check out what these guys are doing. Their channel is found here:

Paul Roper animated the opening sequence with the singers and space but I drew and animated everything else. Robert Perez Art Directed and created the typography for me too. Reed Harvey did the great sound design. Tim Mackie and Jonathan Collins narrated and wrote it. Everyone involved is a complete rockstar too… in my opinion.

I started talking with these guys right after they launched their first video last year and it snowballed when I told them I was planning to quit Dreamworks to move back to Idaho. We had talks about my potential involvement to help them with future videos after I moved. But things went faster than expected. I quit Dreamworks and started working in January… BEFORE I MOVED. They trusted me enough to gave me a video to do all by myself which ended up being this one on Holiness. They just posted it this week on Youtube. Here’s a link:

If you guys like the Bible Project then please share it with everyone and even consider donating because it’s all funded by donations. And the Bible Project is paying me to help them so basically you are helping me too if you donate to their videos. :)

Here is their website


Have I Moved Yet?

Lots of people ask me if we have moved to Idaho yet. Not yet. We just talked to our real Estate agent yesterday about putting our house on the market in April. If anyone wants to buy my house in North Hollywood then comment below. Haha!

I have TONS of conventions lined up in the coming months too so that complicates it more. The Kickstarter books are on a boat someplace in the ocean. They should arrive the first week of April to my garage. Then I’ll plan a road trip to deliver most of them to my brother in Oregon who will be handling the fulfillment for most of the backers. It looks like late May or June will be my best guess as to when we will actually move. All I can say is TIME IS FLYING! And I love being freelance and being able to make my own schedule and take on the jobs that I want.


My Convention Appearances:

  • ECCC (Seattle) – March 27th -29th

I will be doing a panel on Friday at 10:30AM called “Making Money with Creator Owned Comics”

  • WonderCon (Anaheim) – April 3rd-5th
  • LA Times Festival of Books (Los Angeles) – April 18th – 19th
  • Phoenix Comicon – May 28th – 31st

Some Cool Podcasts I Was On


Hey guys! The last few months have been busy with proofing Sithrah, freelance and doing a bunch of interview/podcasts. I wanted to share some of them with you because they were a lot of fun.

First we will start with The Super Awesome Geek Show!


These guys are super awesome just like their name. :)


Next is the We Be Geeks Podcast


I see a geeky theme going on here. I must be doing something right. This was another super fun group of guys (and girl) to talk to about comics. It was a fun and lively conversation. :)


And then we have The Collective Podcast!


This was a longer format podcast and it was a super fun conversation about being creative and everything else.

There are a few more to come that are in the works too. :)


Also, I wanted to make sure you know that I’m offering Unnatural Talent as an audio book for FREE. It’s actually a pay-what-you-want thing but you can put your price to $0 if you want. I’ll be offering it for free until the full book is recorded and edited so get it now while you can at this price. Here’s a link:



That’s it for now! See you soon.


Come to my Workshop at CTNX!

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CTNX_map2014-sithHi everyone! CTNX asked me to be a guest this year at their convention. They also asked me to create a workshop and so I decided to make one all about making money with creator owned comics. They are also printing up a special Sithrah print that I will be signing and giving away during my signing time listed above. So if you don’t have tickets yet, then run over to their website and grab yours (if you want to go). I’ll be there all weekend at table T-60 with lots of my books to sell and sign. :)

The Agenda of Storytelling.


In my last post I quoted a great comment from one of my readers and I’ll quote it again here:

I’m really interested in seeing where this comic goes, knowing that it’s so faith-based. I’m an atheist, I always have been and it’s always been really important to me, and I’ve been trying not to be afraid of letting that shine through in my stories as well. To me it’s not a matter of trying to persuade other people or work some agenda as much as express how I see the world, and it sounds like Sithrah is the same kind of thing? I really hope so. Either way, thanks for being brave enough to discuss your faith in a shameless way, I really look forward to seeing things from your perspective through the storytelling. Good luck!

Again, I think this is an excellent example of being able to have tough conversations in a super respectful way. It also really got me thinking about what I was doing with Sithrah and agendas in comics and stories as a whole. So I’m going to try to answer these questions as honestly as I can. Here they are:

  • Do I Have an Agenda with Sithrah?
  • Am I trying to persuade people somehow?
  • Or am I just trying to express how I see the world?

After thinking on this for a while I came to some conclusions which I’ll try to answer one at a time. So first of all–

Do I have an Agenda with Sithrah?

The simple answer is yes. My agenda is to write and draw a beautiful story that inspires people to think about God and the invisible spiritual battle that is happening all around us for our souls. My agenda is to expose the deceptions of the Devil in the form of a story. Jesus himself told many stories that we call parables. They were intended to be heard by the masses but only understood by those who searched for the answers. My agenda is to say, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did.” – John 4:29 (Sorry, this will only make sense if you know the story) ;)

So, is this wrong to have an agenda in what we do? In my opinion, I think it’s clear that EVERYTHING we do has an agenda. Every movie, comic, tv show, Youtube video or whatever it is has an agenda whether we see it or not.

Am I trying to persuade people somehow?

Honestly, I don’t think I can change anyone’s mind for them but I believe I must share what I’ve learned. So I will try to present my case to anyone who wants to listen in the best way I know how. But at the end of the day, each individual has to make up their own mind. In the words of Ravi Zacharias, “Changing someone’s mind is a supernatural thing.”

Am I just trying to express how I see the world?

No. I have an agenda. :)

Come See Me at Phoenix Comicon Next Week!

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Hi all! I just wanted to let you know I’ll be exhibiting at Phoenix Comicon on June 5-8, 2014. I have lots of freebies as usual including posters of reMIND and Sithrah. I’m in booth 446 and listed under “Jason Brubaker” this year. I’ll also be on all three Kickstarter panels this year. Here’s a little map of where you can find me. Hopefully I’ll see you there!