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Pre-order Sithrah 3 Now!

Pre-order Sithrah 3 Now! published on No Comments on Pre-order Sithrah 3 Now!

Link to preorder Sithrah 3:

I am also giving away free iPhone and iPad wallpapers that look like this:

To get these wallpapers, just head over to the Kickstarter and you can download them all in the first project update. 🙂

This campaign is only for 3 weeks and ends on the 22nd of February.

Thanks again for your support!

Sithrah Book 2 Kickstarter!

Sithrah Book 2 Kickstarter! published on No Comments on Sithrah Book 2 Kickstarter!

The SITHRAH Kickstarter is LIVE:

Here’s the Link:

Thank you for even taking a second to look at this campaign. If you like this then please share it with everyone you think would be interested. Even those who might not be interested?

Thanks for your amazing support! 🙂


Mailing List contest Winners!

Mailing List contest Winners! published on

For those of you on the Coffee Table Comics mailing list, last Monday we sent out rules to a contest to win super cool CTC prizes! As promised, here are the winners [using Webtoons usernames]:

First Place: Hal Fackler wins the Victuals sculpture and a Signed copy of Sithrah book 1!

Second Place: Young Jin Park wins a signed copy of Sithrah book 1!

Third Place: WorldofCcrow wins a Coffee Table Comics T-shirt!

If you are a winner please send your mailing address to You have been contacted via twitter and a “Congratulations” reply was made to your #coffeetablecomics Webtoons comment.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you want to be kept in the loop about future contests, giveaways, and more please join the Coffee Table Comics Mailing list.

My Longest Podcast Yet with Chris Oatley and Lora Innes!

My Longest Podcast Yet with Chris Oatley and Lora Innes! published on 1 Comment on My Longest Podcast Yet with Chris Oatley and Lora Innes!

Hey guys!

I had the honor to be invited on Chris Oatley and Lora Innes’ podcasts and we probably recorded about 5 hours of content between the two of them. Today Chris released the first part on his Art Cast podcast and you can hear it here:


So this is only the first part and so keep an ear out for part two soon on Chris’s website at

Then the 3rd part will be released on the Paper Wings Show with Lora Innes. 🙂

I’ll give you an update here when the next parts go live. See you around.


Big News: #3

Big News: #3 published on 10 Comments on Big News: #3

Hi guys,

Here are the links to Webtoons where Sithrah will be hosted from now on. (links to Sithrah)

Just so you know, the more comments and likes and shares it gets the better for me there. So I hope you can join me over there and be active in the comments and share it with your friends so that it can take on a new life there.

Everything that was released on will be put up first and it will only take about 2 or 3 months for it to be caught up to where we left of here. So please bare with me while the first book goes live because after that it’s all going to be new content every week for… years? Well, until I finish Sithrah. 🙂

I’m excited and nervous and a little is shock. I’ll keep using this site to announce new things and keep you updated though so do just X it off you list yet.

Thanks again for your support over the years and I can wait to see what happens next. 🙂

See you soon,