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Sithrah Cover

Sithrah Cover published on 9 Comments on Sithrah Cover

I’m slowly getting this website up and running. I had to reinvent my approach for this webcomic because there are a few new features that I had to learn. (You will see what I mean when I start posting pages) So anyway, this is the cover image for now.

If you want to follow my working progress then subscribe to my Instagram feed. I plan to post lots of work-in-progress images and videos there. My handle is @Jason_Brubaker

See you soon!



Well this certainly looks all different with the website layout. I like it.

Looking at the few pages in progress there, I’m almost getting the feeling that there’s a bit more narration/novella storytelling as opposed to straight comic panels and speech bubbles which is interesting. Although it could just be that they’re in progress.

Hey Charles! Yeah, I’m still thinking about the website design and colors. I will probably lock it in after I post a few pages to see what looks best when it’s all together.

You are correct in thinking that there might be more novella type storytelling in this one. I’m trying to blend comics with prose this time. It will probably be 90 percent comics though. But it’s something that I always wanted to try to crack.

Hi Andrew! Thanks for taking a chance on it at WonderCon. :)

Your request to have more just might be happening sooner than I expected too. I am in talks with a company who might be able to help me work on Sithrah full-time and if that happens then I’ll be able to finished 2 to 4 times the amount of work each year.

But for the next few months I am trying to move out of California to Idaho and getting everything relocated is taking over everything. Plus fulfilling this Kickstarter too. Haha.

Thanks again for your support on Sithrah! Talk soon!

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