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Big News: #3

Big News: #3 published on 10 Comments on Big News: #3

Hi guys,

Here are the links to Webtoons where Sithrah will be hosted from now on. (links to Sithrah)

Just so you know, the more comments and likes and shares it gets the better for me there. So I hope you can join me over there and be active in the comments and share it with your friends so that it can take on a new life there.

Everything that was released on will be put up first and it will only take about 2 or 3 months for it to be caught up to where we left of here. So please bare with me while the first book goes live because after that it’s all going to be new content every week for… years? Well, until I finish Sithrah. :)

I’m excited and nervous and a little is shock. I’ll keep using this site to announce new things and keep you updated though so do just X it off you list yet.

Thanks again for your support over the years and I can wait to see what happens next. :)

See you soon,



Hey Jason,

This is awesome! I wish the webtoons was feedable. I can’t seem to connect it to my RSS. This is unfortunate because that is how I handle all my news. Do you know why they do this?

The Webtoon people somehow missed to add the RSS feed properly to their pages.
But you can find a RSS link on each content main page (not the chapter pages), it’s the RSS icon in a list of social media icons nearly at the top.
Here the direct rss link for sithrah:

Would be good if there was a more obvious link in this page to the Webtoons version. Like a button or something.

Currently it says ‘links below’, but the only two obvious links are to your mailing list and Patreon. The actual link to Webtoons is hidden in the text. This could mean you lose people who are new to Sithrah – who have perhaps come from a link elsewhere.

Maybe even the whole picture could be clickable?

Congrats for the big news, Jason! I was wondering if your series can be added to mangaupdates, since I usually track the series I read by the notification system of that site. I’m guessing it’s not possible, since yours is not a manhwa, despite being published by naver, but rather a comic. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Best!

Hi Jason !
I’m a french reader of your work, and writer when I have the time.
Congrats for having had the courage to take the right decision, and go full time on your work !
I found it on webtoons, its art seduced me, its story enthralled me, and the future developments its maturity promises just made me long for it every week.

So, keep on living your dream, it might just as well feed mine and enlighten my Monday evenings ;)
(But I will be a tough critic if I get disappointed !!)

congrats on Webtoons! and a very sincere thank you for keeping the faith and being unafraid to speak about Christ in your posts. I see more and more webcomics (books in general) that put Christianity in a bad light. Your work and how you present yourself have been and always will be such an amazing light. Keep it up Jason! I hope to do the same :)

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