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Sithrah #1 – The Hidden Place

Sithrah #1 – The Hidden Place published on 39 Comments on Sithrah #1 – The Hidden Place

Here we go! The first pages of Sithrah in one long strip. :)

And now let me share with you my plan for the future of this site, what it will be about and how you can help (if you want).

My New Focus…

As you can see I am approaching this book differently from reMIND. I’m not worrying about an update schedule. I’m not building individual pages yet, but I’ll reformat it into pages for the book version. I’m trying to add animated GIFFs for fun. I’m not using a comic font. I’m trying to mix prose with comics when I can. I’m also working with a great colorist, Josh Ulrich!

Many people who followed reMIND (my last webcomic) enjoyed the behind-the-scenes approach that I openly revealed on the blog. This was one of my strategies for attracting search engines and well, it worked pretty good. I was also very much enjoying the process of learning how to self-publish comics and it was just natural to write about it all while learning. The thing is, I’m just not in that same place anymore and so I have decided to switch blogging subjects from Making Comics to…

Are you ready for this?


It’s not what you think. I didn’t just have a come-to-Jesus moment. In fact, I’ve been a Christian all my life. It’s just that I have always been scared to talk about my faith in public for fear of stepping on toes. Or fear of public ridicule. But over the last few years I have realized that our faith is a subject that everyone thinks about but very few discuss in a respectable way. Everyone believes in something. Even people who don’t believe in anything believe just that. Plus, the last thing I want to do is lead a double life. I’ve lived that way long enough and for once I’d like my online personality to match my offline personality.

So, the blog of will not be about the “making comics” journey (like reMIND was) instead, it will be about the spiritual journey. I would be fake otherwise. And honestly, it’s what my comics are all about anyway. Did you know that Sithrah is a ancient Hebrew word?


For those of you who are still dying to still see behind-the-scenes stuff, there is still hope yet. You see, I started using a service called Patreon to help me raise funds to speed up the creation of this book. If you want to see thumbnails, and inks before the pages come out then I’m pulling back the curtain for everyone who becomes a patron. I will post thumbnails of the next pages, maybe even the script. I’ll post the black and white inks too. Then the final art will appear here when it’s colored and finished.

Higher pledging patrons will get the chance to win original art monthly and I’m even thinking of having a Google+ hangout with even higher pledging patrons. We will see.

If you’re a little confused at what is then check out my video.

You can see and read more about it at:

Patreon_bannerAs you can see, I’m jumping into a few new arenas and I hope you will join me for the ride again. I’ll probably be able to upload new pages once or twice a month so please bookmark this site or join me as a patron for additional updates. Also, since this is a brand new comic, I could use all your help spreading the word that it’s starting. ;)

Thanks again for all your love and support!



Hi Stew, Gabe, Whitey and Saxony! Thanks for checking this out. I’ve been thinking about this story for a LOOOOONG time and it’s really fun to finally see it take shape. I’m glad you are joining me from the start too. :)

Thanks also for those of you who are patrons. I know it’s a lot to ask. But I really appreciate your support in what I’m trying to do.

Thank you all sooooooo much for sharing this too. I see a surge from Twitter this morning from your tweets! :) See you soon.

Whoa that creature is freaky! Second that question from Joseph – what would a little girl and a cat want with such a thing?

Also, the new website looks great Jason! Really looking forward to the new direction of your posts.


I’m encouraged to hear you make a public declaration of your faith. I too have struggled with the question of how up front to be online about being a Christ-follower. But as the Holy Spirit continues to sanctify us and make us more like Jesus it becomes harder and harder to hide it because it becomes more and more central to who we are.

Keep it coming, Brother.

Hurray, finally.
I am really happy that Sithrah is on. (I have been checking page few hours before you posted the first page.) Colors are amazing even if that is not you who is coloring them. Right now I read Unnatural Talent and will be following Sithrah (Looking forward to all your new strategies), that means you are like a good friend to me who will be always around :D
I am struggling with not drawing much for few last months but more thinking about stuff and stories. And I think need to finally start to work on something bigger (=to tell a longer story), so I want to thank you for your book and your advices. Your work is inspirational for me.
And I am aslo happy that I can follow Sithrah from the very beginning. That means that I can read all your blogposts with it and have the whole experience out of it.
Thanks, Jason!

By the way, I think the Patreon idea is good.
1) It brings in money for you NOW, instead of at the end of the project – always helpful!
2) I always feel when reading online comics that I’d like to financially contribute in some way. I can’t afford to buy books at the minute, but I can give a dollar or two a month.

what does sithrah mean exactly?

As Travis says below, “@Mfundo- Sithrah means ‘to find shelter/protection’ ”

I’m not claiming to be any expert on Hebrew but I love the language because it’s so creative in how it’s used and it’s the language of the Old Testament so it has a real sense of mystery and intrigue to it. (At leat in my mind)

I’ve also heard it reffered to when speaking of a guardian or protector. My subtitle for this page is also a way I have read it use in saying “the hidden place”.

Oh yeah I see the sub title in a new light. Hebrew is a uber interesting language its very rich, I mean just look at how interectly they praise God by personifying His characteristics through the use of names. You know the “EL-” and “Jehovah” names. I find that to be really interesting.

@Mfundo- Sithrah means ‘to find shelter/protection’

Proud of you Jason for your faith declaration- from an spiring graphic novelist to another :) find me at @instamistabradley (instagram) or @tbradleyart (twitter) will try my best to get the word out :) God Bless, and good luck.

LOVED reMIND, and am excited to see this new brainchild born. Press on!

The first pages look epic! I like the idea of the gifs! They add a fun little extra bit. Assuming they’re not hard to make, have you thought about maybe adding a few more simple ones? I was specifically thinking about ripples going outwards from where the creature sprung up since the other gifs you did were water based.

Your character designs are very fun. =) This should be a fantastic adventure!

A new Jason Brubaker webcomic … excellent! I really enjoyed reMIND and am eagerly looking forward to this one. The critter in the pond looks interesting as do the gif’s.

The critter is in the sand, not a pond. She lugged a pail of water up there and dumped it in the sand to flush it out. I did not see the GIFs until you pointed them out though. I think that’s probably a good thing, as they slightly enhance the web version, but will likely not be missed in the print version… Anywho, excited to see more!

Jason, I remember emailing you once and you talking about your Christianity. I also liked seeing the biblical/historical elements you tied into remind, like “Nahushtan”, “The Invisible” and other themes and elements like that. I am so excited to see what quality story and art you will put out now to enjoy art, captivate people, and glorify Christ.

God bless my friend.


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