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Sithrah is in Previews this Month!

Sithrah is in Previews this Month! published on
I just wanted to let you guys know that SITHRAH is listed in Previews this month (April issue) on page 323!
What does this mean? I’m glad you asked.
Previews is the ordering catalogue for all the comic shops in America and it is the main way that comic shops will ever know that my book exists. Well, actually it’s buried in the back of the catalogue and so the only way a comic shop will know to order my book is if you guys go and tell your local comic shop about it. (hint hint) Here’s a picture of what it looks like:
If your local shop orders copies this month then they will be speedily delivered to your local comic shop in June when the book is officially released.
Don’t believe that it will be ready in time? Well, lookie what I got delivered to my garage yesterday. 5000 copies of SITHRAH just waiting for a perfect home. They are all very well trained and will not make a mess on your furniture. They love to be held and to take long naps on your coffee table. Best of all, they don’t shed.
You can always preorder it on Amazon but it would be great if you could support your local comic shop and order from them. Plus this will allow other comic enthusiasts to possibly see the book too.
Thank you guys so much for your support and continuing to follow my work.
(single tear rolling down my cheek)
See you all soon!