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The Future of Sithrah.

The Future of Sithrah. published on 20 Comments on The Future of Sithrah.

Hi Guys!

Well, it’s been a crazy last few months for us and Coffee Table Comics. If you haven’t read already, I have moved to Idaho and bought a house there. We are still not fully moved in yet because we are doing some fixing and stuff before we move in all our junk. You probably already knew that I quit my good paying job at Dreamworks in December to make way for this change but there are some new developments that I never expected and I’d love to share them with you finally. :)

First of all, I will be starting to work on book 2 of Sithrah, FINALLY, in the second week of August. And surprisingly, I will be working on it FULL-TIME. Yeah, you heard me right. Full-time. I didn’t expect to be able to work on my books full-time for another year or two. In fact I had set up freelance work that I was expecting to work on part time to help pay the bills but an opportunity presented itself and I just couldn’t refuse.

I’m sure some of you will not be happy with my decision but here goes.

Several months back I was approached by a company called This is a Korean company that has had major success over the last 10 years with their webcomic platform in South Korea and is now launching an English version of their site and they have been looking for comic artists with good English content. They said they wanted me to be a featured webcomic on their site and they would even pay me (not as much as I need to live but it’s close) to put Sithrah on their site. I didn’t believe them and so I kept emailing them for months. I talked to friends who started posting content on their site and everyone was pleased with them as a company so far. After months of checking up on them and long email conversations I finally was able to meet with them in their LA office and I was finally convinced and completely impressed. They are the real deal and it only seemed right to jump in and try it out. I mean, why not, I was changing everything else in my life so why not this too. ha!

But there were some conditions to the agreement. One of which was that I would have to convert my pages to their scrolling format for iPhones and iPads. The other condition is that they would have worldwide digital rights for a few years. Third, I would have to have several pages of content ready every week.

I had a IP lawyer look over the contracts and he said they looked pretty solid. I would still own all the rights to everything else I was doing with Sithrah like publishing the books, toys, movies and anything else. And they made it clear that they wouldn’t cancel our contract in the middle of my story.

So after much mental debate I decided to give it a shot. The benefits would outweigh the negatives because I would be able to finish all 6 or 7 books of Sithrah in about two years on this schedule. I could still do Kickstarters and Patreon and I would be tapping into a brand new audience.

What does that mean for this website? will stay intact and I will leave the first half of Sithrah here so anyone can still see the older version of the first pages. But then I will direct everyone over to where the rest of the adventure will be updating on a regular weekly (lightening speed) schedule. Yeah, and it will still be free to read online. :)

I’m sure many of you will appreciate the larger blocks of content once this starts but I know that some will be unhappy with my move. All I have to say is, if this doesn’t work out after my 2 years of posting Sithrah then I can keep making my next comics on my own sites again. But if it works out well, then I might just keep the partnership going. Only time will tell.

What about Patreon?

Patreon will still be very active. In fact it will be way more active now because I will be updating it weekly with sketches and inks and pages from the book version of Sithrah. I am hoping to post the scripts if we reach new goals and I plan to broadcast my screen as I work there too. Not to mention that my patreons will still have early access to pages probably about 3 months in advance to everyone else.

Do I still need Patreon? Yes, very much so. Webtoons is only paying me enough to cover some of my bills and so I still need patrons to help me keep above water. Luckily it’s just not as much as I needed before and so now some of the patronage can go towards more than just my bills. :)

So please consider becoming a patron if you want to see all the behind the scenes stuff, have access to my PSD files, talk on video calls, get into a free art drawing each month and much more.

I’m telling you, this whole life change is scaring me to death but it’s exactly what I have been praying for and so I would probably be even more scared to pass this opportunity.

When does it all Start?

Our contracts are in place to start posting Sithrah on on the 3rd week of August. The first 3 months I will be posting book 1 there and then after that it will all be brand new Sithrah content. :)

I hope this is as exciting to you as it is to me. I will let you know when it all starts and give you links too. I hope you will join me in my new environment and keep your encouraging spirit as you have over the last 6 years of Sithrah and reMIND. :)

Love you all!



Jason I wish you all the best with this new endeavor. It’s so important to get paid so I understand your point of view. I really hope this is a great opportunity for you to get your work further out there as well. Best wishes as always.

Good luck! I hope this works well. How does Webtoon make money? Do they plan to sell digital versions of Sithrah?

Apparently they have like 16 business models for making money in South Korea with their comics. From what I was pitched when I met with them in the LA office, about 50% of their Korean properties have had the rights sold for TV, film or animation or adaptation somehow. But all that gets negotiated on a case by case basis. But for now the English content is all funded by seed money. They are just treating it like an investment in the site. Eventually as it gets bigger then the English site should start making money like the Korean version does. It’s still really early on so it’s hard to tell how the outcome will be but I do know that they are doing lots of things right in my opinion.

Why in the world would anyone be unhappy with your decision? Sounds like a win-win to me. Your audience still gets content, you get to make money; I don’t see the issue. Your comics are always interesting and well done. Good for you!

It seems like some people just don’t like change and get upset when things don’t stay exactly the same. Some people might have issues with or they might not be able to access it via a subscription method they prefer. Who knows. Hopefully everyone is happy though. :) So far everyone seems to be.

I actually read manwha’s and enjoy some webtoons comics, this move actually makes a lot of sense and I can see how your style stuck out to them. I felt something like this when you said you had something coming up. Man I get excited for you just reading this. You have no idea how much your journey is helping mine. Ill be showing the love through Patreon though, so you’ll see more of me I hope. :) Keep up the inspiring work.

Wow ! I’m a bit late in the conversation !
Naver already feature some amazing “more mature” series like “For the sake of Sita”, so everybody should understand that it could expand your readership by maybe 100x (with quality translations, it’s likely to happen even faster).

However, I’ll give you a little advice :
Please redesign for the new adventure, to make the most of the freedom they might give you. There is an opportunity everytime someone will type “Sithrah Jason Brubaker” in a search engine, but the readers must know where are the extra things you offer (Patreon, reMIND, Unnatural Talent) : Sithrah on Webtoons and Sithrah website must work together, so more and more people can support you financially.

Good luck man !

Hi Fish! Yes, I love your idea to change into a more user friendly site for people that search for Sithrah. Great idea. Plus I could have all my other books listed as well and anything else I’m doing. It’s true that it will have to change into something else now that the comic will be over at Webtoons. I just need to find the right person to help me do that now. :)

If I was a WordPress expert I would gladly help (no joke :) ).
But you could already start with a few enhancements; in web design we say “when it’s perfect, it’s to late”; So here is the basic :

A menu with images (to keep the vibe of Sithrah)
6 important sections :
– Home
– Read Book One
– About
– Gallery
– Blog
– Links (Webtoons, Patreon, but also
… The link to your online shop can be in a sidebar on many pages

An Awesome Homepage :
With some important links, some recent news and of course your Twitter timeline widget… And this is it, without such a big investment !!!

If the readers feel that you want to very strong relationship with them (one of the toughest goal), things will be good… No, things will be great.