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What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Do Now? published on 15 Comments on What Do I Do Now?

I haven’t posted anything here for a long time now since Sithrah has been on If you were not aware of that then you can read Sithrah here—>

It’s been about 2.5 years since I have moved to Idaho and changed EVERYTHING in my life and it’s been an amazing change. I have had amazing support from my Patreons and to help me make a living off of Sithrah and it is still surreal to come to work every day to work on my own comics and books. My wife just started working a few weeks ago and I just negotiated the last 2 books of Sithrah on Webtoons last week. Basically, I will be finishing up all the art for Sithrah by December of this year and it will be complete online by the end of February of 2018. It’s coming way faster than I thought but I am excited for a new change.

I’m probably going to launch a Kickstarter early next year for Sithrah 4 (the book) as well as my NEXT project. I have three things I’m developing that might end up being my next big thing but at this point in my life I am wondering just how to take these next steps. Part of me wants to just pitch my next project on Kickstarter to try to get the full funding for the production and book printing. Part of me wants to pitch a project to Webtoons to see if they will fund the production of my next series like they did with Sithrah. Another part of me is wondering if I should try to finally find an agent or a publisher this time. Maybe Image comics? Who knows. What I do know is that my main source of income will end in February and so you are bound to see some new big changes again in my business plan.

If you have a chance, I’d love your prayers for my next direction in life. Life is very good now (even with all it’s ups and downs) and I can’t imagine God forcing me to go back to finding freelance work after bringing me this far. But I am willing to go there if it becomes clear that I need to.

I’d love your thoughts too. (If anyone is still reading this blog) Who knows, maybe I need to start writing blog posts again. I kinda miss this. :)

Please head on over to Webtoons to read Sithrah because they pretty much base all their decisions on how much people like my comic.

Thanks again for all your support and prayers over the years as I took this crazy leap of faith to make Sithrah. Looks like it’s about time for me to take a new leap of faith. ;)



Hi Jason;
I don’t know what you should do next but I have faith that you’ll continue to produce creative stuff and that I’ll continue to enjoy reading it. Take your time, think about your ideas, don’t be afraid of a false start or two, and let us know what happens next.
I’m looking forward to being able to add the 4th and 5th volumes of Sithrah to the three I already have.
Thank you for your efforts.

You definetely need to start blogging again. Part of the charm of Remind was going to your blog and reading your thoughts on the process, story etc. It’s like going to to your favourite old comic book store on the weekends. With Sitrah it’s like the shop had moved to the new mall in town.

Hey Jason,
First off, thanks for bringing such fantastic stories to life. I’ve really been enjoying Sithrah and love the themes of faith. Very inspiring.

I don’t know that I have much advice as I’m currently trying to figure out how best to move forward with my own webcomic. Webtoons has been a perfectly enjoyable reading experience, though it does seem to be a lot of romance stories otherwise. Maybe it’s not reaching all the people it should? I don’t know. As for running a Kickstarter to raise full funding for a future project I’d talk to Jake Parker about his experience with Skyheart. We’ve talked a fair amount about it and he would likely have some thoughts.

In the end, putting full trust in God and seeking to know his will concerning the matter will never lead you astray, even if it doesn’t end up where you’d expect. Based on what you share online I’m sure you’re already doing that. You’re in my prayers, and good luck!



I enjoyed reading your blog on reMind. I think you should definitely do it more – but maybe you can add it to your Patreon. You could have it as non-paid content with teasers to your paid content which may bring you more patrons (just a thought).

I have loved being able to read Sithrah on Webtoons. As a matter of fact, I subscribe to a number of comics on Webtoons now, but would not have even heard or considered reading there if it were not for you putting Sithrah there. So thanks!

The content you continue to produce has been an inspiration to me, so much so that I have been able to start my own Webcomic, and as you know I am live with my very first Kickstarter.
All of these things may not have happened if not for reMind and Sithrah.

I am sure whatever choice you make will be the correct one for you and your family.
My hope though, is you stay independent. You are an inspiration to all of us creators who still work a 9 to 5 job, but see that the possibility exists to have a creative business be successful.


Hey John! Your Kickstarter is rockin! Glad I could play a small part in it too. :)

I have thought about using the blog platform on Patreon before but for some reason I just have trouble putting much time into the patreon blog because I know that it will be mostly patrons who read it and they don’t seem very responsive to me. I feel like I would be more blog-minded if I just wrote on a blog that was on my own site. In fact, if I see anyone’s link that goes to their patreon then I usually don’t click it because I assume it will be hidden behind a pay wall.

I do like the idea of switching my patreon to a monthly subscription after Sithrah is finished so that it is a very clear monthly fee for Patrons. Also, I am thinking of releasing (if I get funds on Kickstarter) Phobos as a mailing-list-only comic to be delivered each month in PDF form via email to people who are on my free mailing list. If I started blogging on a website then it would go hand in hand with the mailing list comic I think. So we will see.

I agree with you too about wanting to stay independent. I really like doing my own thing and I know it would be TOTALLY different if I were to be published by someone else.

Thanks so much for your support and feedback!

Dude! Thanks for the support on the KS! I am pleased so far on the results. 72% as of this morning (I am blown away).

Phobos as a mailing-list-only comic would rock!

And I think changing the Patreon to a monthly subscription type service is exactly what the platform is becoming (Brad Guigar has talked about this for Evil Inc. and uses a free and pay wall approach).

Anywhere you place your blog – whether it is on this site or on Patreon or HECK why not both – will bring your fans. We just love your stuff – because you make GREAT Content.

Thank you for all you do for the creative community!

It’s been so cool following along as you went on this journey and took those steps in faith, and seeing how it’s turned out. And that’s pretty crazy to think that you will have produced 6 books in 3 years!?!! And quality quality books too.
I’m at a place creatively where I just finished work on my first graphic novel and I have 3 stories I want to tell next but not sure which one to go with. I’d love to read about your thought process as you decide which way to go next, so please do start up the blog again!

Haha! I might have to dabble with it again before too long. Youtube was my blog kinda for a while but it takes so long to make a video. I’m thinking about trying to do a mailing list comic next possibly. If that’s the case then I would have to blog for sure to get people onboard. It also seems to be a nice way to get my thoughts out so that is good too. :) Thanks for your feedback. Good luck with your story decisions too.

Hi Jason,
In my opinion, an agent would be really useful if you want one of your works to be adapted in another format (film or video game), or if you want to know if now that you’ve finished Sithrah, the publishers are willing to offer you better deals. When at the end of the first book I said that it would be awesome to make an animated movie of Sithrah (at some point), I said it because I saw right away that it has everything it takes to make it a success (and it’s also a story that makes you think).

Now, the most important thing to do is to find people who could really guarantee results if you do this or that (not just advice). It will depend on the circumstances (as always), but your future projects deserve people as determined as you to take them to new heights.
See ya !